30 Day Snap #6 | Cuteness

Hello there beauties!


As I was making a cup of Chamomile tea in our kitchen, I saw this on the table. My little sister is just about the most adorable thing sometimes. Her summer bucket list is inspiring!

I remember doing this almost every summer when I was younger. I would make a bucket list filled with different crafts, books, places, fun ideas, and goals. It was always a challenge to complete my long, sometimes impossible list, but I had such a good time doing all of it. 

So, feeling inspired by my little sister and by having this blog now, I am going to come up with a little "Summer Bucket List" of things I want to accomplish and experience. 

What are some of your plans for the summer? Do you keep a list filled with your goals and ideas? If so, let me know because I am nosy and would love to know what my lovely readers are up to!



  1. nawww! I always use to do this and have completely forgotten about it until now! Defiantly going to do one for this year:) Thanks for commenting and following my blog! Yours is great and I've followed!!
    I'm loving this challenge:)

    Evie xxx


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