30 Day Snap #27 | Nails

Hello there!

 These are my sister's rainbow nails that she did herself! I am so impressed :) 

I snapped this photo of them because she has to remove the polish because she is in a play. Her performance as Charlotte in Charlotte's Web is tomorrow morning and then my older Patrick is COMING HOME for the weekend!!! I am so excited to see him and spend time with him <3 

I can't wait to share my exciting weekend with you all and see all of your snaps as well.
Have a marvelous Thursday!


  1. Those nails are so cool! My nails usually look like a five-year-old did them, so I'm very impressed.

    <3 Maddie

    1. Haha same. She tries new designs all the time and I leave my chipped nail polish on for weeks. Oops!


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